Laboratory Services

ZFDA Laboratory Organization Structure

ZFDA Laboratory is one of the Department under ZFDA organization. Legal entity of ZFDA Laboratory is defined in Zanzibar Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. 2/2006. Laboratory is part of ZFDA which was established under section 13 (1) of ZFDC Act No. 2 of 2006. The laboratory provides basis for enforcement purposes.

This department is responsible for laboratory analysis of food, medicines and cosmetics as well as testing of medical devices for enhancing decision making within the Authority. It is also responsible for maintenance of laboratory equipment, coordination and conducting of research.

 The Director of Laboratory Services (DLS) is the Head of Department which is vested accountable day-to-day management of the business and is accountable to the Executive Director.

The DLS is supported by five (5) Divisions that performs and supervise various matters including;

  • a) Food Chemistry Analysis Division
  • b) Microbiology Analysis Division
  • c) Medicine and Cosmetics Analysis Division
  • d) Quality and technical Advice Division
  • e) Medical Devices Testing Division

ZFDA Laboratory Quality Policy and Objectives

Is to ensure the highest possible standard of tests and to ensure credibility and impartiality of test results, maximum fulfillment of customer requirements for quality of service and meeting test dates.

ZFDA Laboratory has developed quality policy to fulfill the requirement of ISO/IEC 17025:2017, as follow

  1. Quality is the responsibility of every ZFDA laboratory staff. Every person representing ZFDA laboratory is expected to know and follow applicable management system policies and procedures.
  2. Laboratory top management is committed to provide high quality services through the continuous improvement of ZFDA laboratory management system.
  3. Laboratory management committed to maintain and continually improve the quality management system according to standard ISO/ IEC 17025:2017.

ZFDA Laboratory quality objectives have been derived from ZFDA Strategic objectives 4 (Strengthening of laboratory services), the main objectives are:

  1. To provide analytical results so as to assist in decision making.
  2. To ensure high quality and accuracy of performed tests.
  3. Continual improving professional competence of ZFDA laboratory staff including evaluating the effectiveness of education, thereby creating the conditions for the proper testing.
  4. All our staff are and will be impartial when performing activities related to operation of testing laboratory. They are regularly acquainted with the quality management system documentation whose requirements they apply in their work.