Together We Protect Public Health

Guidance for Appeals

  • Where a complaint is not resolved to satisfaction of the complainant, he/she may appeal the decision.
  • A written appeal against the resolution of the complaint may be lodge in by the complainant to the Executive Director.
  • The Executive Director with the technical input from the investigator (s), relevant departments and the legal Officer shall set up an Appeal Panel to review and analyse the appeal.
  • The Appeals Panel shall not comprise of individuals or persons who were involved in the original activities in question or dispute.
  • The Appeals Panel shall review the existing and any new evidence/information and determine if there is sufficient objective evidence to justify the appeal and shall report its finding to Management team for hearing.
  • The Executive Director shall then communicate the decision to the appellants and those in dispute, in writing.
  • Where no further action is raised from the appellant or disputing party concerning the decision within 30 working days, ZFDA will presume the decision to be satisfactory to the client and the file will be closed by the Quality Manager.
  • Where the appellant is not satisfied with the decision of the Agency, he or she can seek legal redress according the applicable Zanzibar National Laws.

" Together we protect Public Health ":