About the Department This is one of the Zanzibar Food and Drug Agency Department which has been established in 2007 with the aim of ensuring food that is manufactured, imported, exported, distributed and sold in Zanzibar is safe and with good quality. In order to accomplish its goal the department is conducting different activities such as product registration, pre and post inspections, seize, condemn and dispose unfit food for human consumption.

This unit conducts inspection of food Premises and Port of Entries (PoE’s) to make sure that the food and food premises comply with ZFDC Act/2006.

The Unit carries out evaluation and registration of food products; registration of Food premises and Food dealers hence issue certificates and permits as it stipulated in the ZFDBC Act/2006. Business that are registered includes: Retails and wholesale food outlets.

• Supermarkets.
• Food catering and mobile food catering facilities.
• Food carriers
• Warehouse/stores for storing food products
• Kiosks/canteens/restaurants
• Hotels
• Bakeries
• Industries/ Food manufactures
• Grain mills
• Cold rooms/ Freezer rooms
• Abattoirs / Slaughterhouses / Slaughter slabs
• Butchers
• Charity and other organizations which handle food.

Food risk analysis Unit assesses and analyzes food risks likely to occur or which has occurred in food and food premises and taking necessary measures on controlling them in order to ensure that food is safe for human consumption.

Moreover, the Department has a power to seize, confiscate/condemn and dispose the food products that are unfit for human consumption.

We are Currently implementing Online Import and Export permit application.