“Quality Medicines Save and Improve lives”

The Department has the following functions; Evaluation and Registration of Medicines, Enforcement, Inspection and Disposal, Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Trials.


To Save and improve lives through regulation of manufacture, importation and use of medicines, cosmetics and medical devices in Zanzibar


To evolve as a proactive and client friendly department in ensuring that medicines, cosmetics and medical devices are safe and effective and public health is protected

The overall goal of medicines evaluation and registration is to ensure that medicines reaching to public are safe , proven effective and good quality and hence protective them from substandard, counterfeit, spurious and falsified that finally lead to promoting the life of the people which is going in line with the Ministry of Health Medicine Policy and Millennium Development goals of poverty reduction. The use of defective, poor quality, harmful medicines can result in therapeutic failure, exacerbation of disease, resistant to medicines and sometimes death. It also undermines confidence in health systems, health professionals, pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributors. Money spent on ineffective, unsafe and poor quality medicines is wasted whether by patients, consumer or government.

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We are Currently implementing Online Import/Export permit application.