In 2007, when ZFDA started operating officially, all samples were subcontracted to the Zanzibar Chief Government Chemist Office for analysis due to the lack of appropriate equipment and enough working space. During that period, ZFDB faced some challenges which included payments for sample analysis and timely results release could not be guaranteed. Therefore, in 2008 ZFDA decided to establish its own laboratory as it is stipulated in ZFDC Act, 2006.

Laboratory is the heart of ZFDA, whereby its major function is to determine the quality and safety of all products, food, medicines/drugs, cosmetics and medical devices are inclusively. It conducts chemical, physical and microbiological analysis. Therefore, in order to ensure quality and timely results are achieved to the highest, ZFDA is making efforts towards improving its laboratory in Unguja and it is in the way to establish another one in Pemba.

In the period of five years, ZFDB Laboratory has received several samples which were collected from different areas such as; Port of entries, inspections and surveillance, voluntary (manufacturers and private) submission samples and preregistration of samples. Total of 2,888 Samples were analyzed whereby 114 failed as shown in the data below.

Departmentof Medicines

Department of Laboratory.

Department of Business.

Department of Food Safety and Quality.